The ZuluTrade Advantage

ZuluTrade bridge’s the gap between valuable information in money markets and trade execution, by converting the advice of some of the most professional and talented traders globally to an executed trade rapidly and automatically in your account [from supported brokers]

There was a time when trading was a headache.

Not anymore!

You don’t have to study or monitor the market, because hundreds of signal providers from all over the world are doing it for you!

All you have to do is pick the Signal Providers you like, and ZuluTrade will quickly convert their advice into live trades in your trading account directly with the broker.

And the best of all, it’s completely FREE!

ZuluTrade was founded in 2006 by Leon Yohai, and created in response to the non-existence of a web-based platform that could audit traders globally. And at the same time, enable traders to share their knowledge with people interested in their strategies.

An additional advantage of the ZuluTrade Platform is that it provides the ability and ease of driving selected trades to broker accounts of the interested parties.

The concept of ZuluTrade is to offer an open environment, where traders on a global-level can connect any trading platform, and share their knowledge.