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Laudemer Perez
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ZuluTrade Europe

In addition, for Traders being available for EU Followers, only the top 1000 Traders following the most solid and consistent trading strategy will be available. So they must comply to the following parameters:

Maximum Drawdown should not exceed 30% of their total profit
Minimum trading time of at least 12 weeks
The profit per trade should be greater than 3 pips.

As you can see ZuluRank uses a specific set of parameters to rank Traders – as a result, who the best Trader would be for you might be different from the best Trader according to ZuluRank; depending on your trading style, needs, risk allowance etc, you could place priority to other factors/characteristics.

For example, a small sized Follower account could be more interested in safer strategies with a smaller profit margin, whereas an account with considerable margin would normally rather be seeking strategies with higher profits and be able to maintain greater drawdown.

So ZuluRank stresses the aforementioned trading factors, it is not necessarily the only possible ranking – so please feel free interpret and consult ZuluRank always according to your own unique trading needs!

Mon, 2021-07-12 14:28
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