Why choose ZuluTrade?

The ZuluTrade Platform bridged the gap between valuable information in money markets and trade execution by converting the advice of some of the most professional and talented traders globally, to a service which can rapidly execute trades. 



About Forex Online Philippines


A 24-hour online foreign currency trading platform for OTC leveraged foreign exchange contracts and specializing in educating customers in the use of ZuluTrade.

We supply an extremely well researched pathway tailored to individual needs, particularly 'risk appetite'. Our task is to continually support new entrants trading journey in navigating the Forex markets. And to service established traders with changes of technological advancements in a dynamic industry.

With over 40 fruitful years of our team's experience in the Forex market, Forex Online Philippines is your local Big Brother and mentor in Forex trading and Commodities.

The best part is, our service to clients are FREE.


A basic aspect of being a successful forex trader is choosing the right broker, who helps tailor 'risk appetite' to individual needs.

That is why, we have formed a close working relationships with the world's major Brokers, Auto-Traders and Signal providers. 

They know us, and we know them.

We are speaking with all of them constantly.


In addition to setting out broker choice options, we provide details about Spreads and Commissions; Margin and Leverage requirements, and information about Regulation and Security. 

Continual Customer Support is critical to us. If clients have any type of questions or problem they are encouraged to contact us. 


ZuluTrade is our preferred pathway and Juno Markets is our preferred broker.



We do not trade FX.

We do not manage FX funds.

We receive introductory rebate income from the businesses providing the trading.